Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ticking over

DSG 3251 leads a shunting service from Port Chalmers to Dunedin. 11/12/09.

During the summer months I would normally try to put up a post every week. But like all good things life often gets in the way. My wife and I have just had a baby girl which has been really exciting but in combination with our two and a half year old son has been rather time consuming. Then theres the assignments and presentations I have to complete for work and the jobs around the house. The list goes on.

So instead of taking a break from the blog, over the next few weeks I'll be uploading photos I've taken over the last eight years starting from when I was young, single, had disposible income and could chase whenever I felt like it till now, hitting 30, married (to a lovely wife), still have disposible income but the said wife disposes of it, have children, mortgaged and I have to ask for a leave pass if I want to chase for more than an hour.

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