Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spring is here. Time to chase.

DFT 7023 with 923 Dunedin - Middleton freight waits in the loop as DFT 7117 with 922 Middleton - Dunedin comes to a stop for a crew change at Merton. 28/9/10.

Spring is here. You can always tell when spring has arrived in East Otago. The grass grows like bamboo, the northern motorway out of Dunedin closes due to ice and the line for mutton pies at the McGregors tearoom disappears while the line for icecreams goes out the door.

With the coming of spring and daylight savings its time to dust off the camera and head out to see whats happening on the main south line.

To be honest nothing much has changed. Kiwi Rail is still doing what it does best, moving freight around this great nation of ours.

So now spring is here I'm hoping to get out abit more as work, study and having another young child in our house permits to bring you some average photos (you never know they might improve) from around Otago.

Watch this space.

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