Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And heres what you get

DXC 5454 in Kiwi Rail livery drifting into Palmerston with 923 Middleton - Dunedin freight. 29/01/10.

In my last post I showed a selection of shots of blue Tranz Rail DX locomotives in East Otago. While I'm sad the blue livery has disappeared, the fact the same loco's are returning in the flash new kiwi rail livery makes it alittle easier to bear.

The photos here show DXC 5454 not long after receiving some TLC from the hard working group at the Hutt workshops. If by some fluke anybody from Hutt see's this blog, I just want to say keep up the good work team. The loco's you're putting out look great!

DXC 5454 and 923 rounds the curve at Humai. 29/01/10.

Due to the angle of the sun, I normally follow 922 northbound because I get better shots but with a DX in kiwi rail livery in the view finder for the first time I couldn't help but follow 923 as it headed south on the main south line through East Otago.

DXC 5454 with 923 crosses the Waikouaiti river just north of Merton. 29/01/10.

While we don't see a lot of locomotives in Kiwi Rail livery at the moment, this is slowly changing so while I can I'm out trying to catch DC and DFT locomoitives in tranz rail blue, TR bumble bee and the patched Toll Rail liveries and my favourite, the DX class in the bumble bee and patched Toll Rail liveries before they too disappear under a new coat of grey, red and yellow paint.

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