Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Three towns, three different locos

The great thing about my job is that I get the chance to travel through the lower South Island every now and again and last Friday was one of those days I got to hit the road. After finishing up my work in Invercargill I headed down to the local yard. This was my first visit to the yard at Invercargill and I was surprised at how full it was. Even though there were plenty of wagons around, loco's were light on the ground. A DSG was pottering around the yard and one of my favourites DFT 7023 was parked up in loco... well I think it was loco. Anyway before I could get any shots the rain, hail and sleet came in. With the weather getting worse it was time to head north.

My first stop was Edendale, home of one of Fonterra's largest milk processing sites. This area creates some serious tonnage for Kiwirail. So much so they've based a DSG and a loco compound in the Edendale yard.  

DSG 3033 resting at Edendale. Part of the Fonterra factory is seen in the background. 3/10/14.

With the rain settling in it was once again time to move on. As I headed north the weather started in improve. By Balclutha the rain had stopped and I was able to take a short detour to check out the yard. The yard was empty apart from DSC 2325 which was holding the fort. A DSC is based in Balclutha to work the Finegand freezing works which is just south of town. While I didn't check out Finegand I'm sure there were plenty of container flats ready for load out.

DSC 2325 all alone in Balclutha. 3/10/14.

By now the weather was packing in again so I cut my exploring short and headed home.

After sorting out some loose ends at work on Sunday I decided to shot down to the Dunedin Railway Station to have a quick look around. Being a Sunday it was pretty quiet but I did get a shot of one of Taieri Gorge Railways well maintained DJ locomotives. These beasts built by Mitsubishi and introduced to the New Zealand railways in the late 1960's dieselised the South Island.

DJ 1209 resting between runs on the Taieri Gorge. 5/10/14.

Being a born and bred North Islander I always enjoy seeing and hearing the DJ's working out of Dunedin to Pukerangi and Middlemarch on the former Otago Central Branch and Palmerston on the Main South Line. 

And thats about it.

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