Saturday, October 25, 2014

On holiday in Aussie

A Queensland Rail electric multiple unit at Airport (Domestic) Station on the Airport Line. 14/10/14.

Recently I was lucky enough to spend some valuable rest and relaxation time with my family on the Sunshine Coast. Good quality family time was the priority so I wasn't able to sneak away for any train spotting Queensland Rail style. But I did manage to sneak a photo of the fantastic Airport Line linking Brisbane Airport with downtown Brisie (see above). It wasn't a great shot but I didn't get caught by my levely wife so it was a win.
While in Australia I was also able to visit the Workshops Muesum in Ipswich with my son and dad. This muesum is a joint venture between Queensland Muesum and Queensland Rail. The muesum covers the past, present and future of railways in Queensland. 

Queensland Rail signage wall. 15/10/14.

While I might be a little biased this is one of the best muesums I have been to. Lots of interactive displays and plenty of hands on stuff for the kids. Highlight for me would be the train simulator where you actually operate the locomotive from a real cab. This received top marks from my son who I had to prise out of it.

Train Simulator using the cab from QR 1700 class diesel locomotive 1710D. 15/10/14.

Next to 1710D was 1262, one of 17 1250 class diesel electric locomotives. This loco is now a static display with parts of its longhood removed to show its engine and other components. The engine also has cut away segments to show its internal workings as well. Very interesting stuff.

1250 Class locomotive 1262. 15/10/14.

The 1250 class diesels have been a favourite of mine ever since I saw on while surfing the net and it was great to see one for real. These would have been great to photograph when they operated on the North Coast Line.

My boy had a ball at the muesum and thats why theres not many photos. I was so busy chasing him around. Many thanks to the very kind and helpful staff at the muesum who made this a great day out. If you are heading to Queensland and you're thinking about something to do I would highly recommend you pay the Workshops Muesum a visit. 

Check out their website at

And that was about it for my Australian adventure.

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