Monday, October 8, 2012

Grey cloud. Different spots.

Got out of the house this afternoon and managed to catch my two regular services 922 and 923 as they travelled through the East Otago countryside.
Being a cloudy day was a blessing and I was able to get some shots that would be out of the question with our springtime sun.

First up was 922 Dunedin - Middleton freight which had DFT 7132 and DXC 5229 at the business end with a train of empty container flats.

922 Dunedin - Middleton freight rounds the curves south of Merton. 8/10/12.

After a quick drive north, we managed to get past 922 and reach Goodwood with plenty of time and just to prove it here's a shot of the former station site...

and the track warrant control (TWC) location board. Just 321.70 km north to Lyttleton and the start of the main south line.

Goodwood's TWC location board.

A blast of the horn signalled the arrival of 922 at Goodwood and a short time later the lights of DFT 7132 came into view.

922 with DFT 7132 in the lead blasts through Goodwood. 8/10/12.

And the going away shot...

DXC 5229 backing up 7132 on 922. Goodwood. 8/10/12.

Once again we headed north. Couldn't get a shot of the crossing at Bushy due to a passing shower so we headed back to Palmerston and waited for 923 Middleton - Dunedin freight to arrive. Today DXC 5520 was doing the honours and had a fairly good load of 20 and 40 foot containers trailing behind.

DXC 5520 leads 923 through Palmerston during a break in showers. 8/10/12.

And the going away shot. This is one I've been trying to get for a while because it includes the former Palmerston locomotive shed.

DXC 5520 passes the south end of the Palmerston yard with 923. Alongside is the tired looking Palmerston loco shed. 8/10/12.

Because we had some time and I liked the look of the loaded decks I made the 'd' to head further south and try a spot on the Tumai bank.

DXC 5520 grinds up the Tumai bank with 923. 8/10/12.

And a close up of DXC 5520 just because I like the weathering.

You won't hear this from rail fans often but the cloud made today's chase. I was able to get some shots that are just not possible when the suns out. 

Until next time...

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