Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Arrival of the Silver Fern

Silver Fern railcar RM 24 beside Taieri Gorge carriages in Dunedin railway stations south dock. 26/9/12.

On the drive into work today I spotted a silver fern railcar in the Dunedin yard. 
The ferns normally work a morning and evening suburban passenger express between Pukekohe and Britomart station in central Auckland. They don't stray to far away from Auckland, so seeing one sitting in Dunedin is a very rare occurrence.

I was thinking the silver fern might have been down here for some work at Hillside, but later in the afternoon I spotted it sitting in the south dock at the railway station. I couldn't help myself and dropped in to have a look and grab a few shots.

Front shot of RM 24. 26/9/12.

And the standard 3/4 shot.

Talking to one of the Taieri Gorge railway staff, it sounds like the TGR has leased the railcar for the next year. Most of its work will be charter runs and maybe the seasider service to Palmerston and return. 

Just before I left the station DXB 5166 and DXC 5431 cruised by light engine on 922 Dunedin - Middleton freight. These loco's will be light engine all the way to Palmerston where they will pick up empty 'goldies'.

DXB 5166 and DXC 5431 at Dunedin railway station. 26/9/12.

The rail scene in Otago is already pretty interesting. Having one of the silver ferns down here over the summer is going to make it even better.


  1. Nice pics of the Silver Fern! Hope the TGR becomes its new permanent home.

  2. Doesn't seem to work out too well with the Silver Fern railcar. When we were waiting to catch the Taieri Gorge Limited on 30 December 2012, the Silver Fern railcar was sitting at the platform with a load of passengers due to depart to Waitati. Half an hour after the scheduled departure time, the passengers were asked to disembark. A Dj loco coupled to the railcar and pulled it into the depot. We saw it sitting there when we passed on the Taieri Gorge Limited. I'm not sure what happened to the excursion to Waitati.


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