Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Bumble Bees

DXC 5229 leads DC 4726 and DC 4133 into Palmerston on 920D Dunedin - Middleton freight. 02/03/10.

Looking through the blog I've noticed that there isn't quite as many DX shots as a DX fan with a blog would like. So here's one of my favourites DXC 5229 in the 'Bumble Bee' livery. There are a few railfans that don't like the 'Bumble Bee' livery but I reckon its not that bad.
Having a look at New Zealand Rail Track ( there's only 3 Bumble Bee DX's still running in New Zealand. DXC 5229, DXC 5419 and DXC 5517.
So if you want your DX 'Bumble Bee' shots better get out there before they get 'Kiwi Fruited'.

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