Thursday, March 25, 2010

Time for a break

Getting home from night shift and seeing those damn assignments on the kitchen table, I knew it was time for a break and what better way to relax than go train chasing.
Hoping to get some shots of 937 Middleton - Dunedin freight I headed north. Not seeing any sign of 937 and thinking it might have passed me somewhere I decided to contiue onto Oamaru and maybe get a few detail shots the old loco and goods shed.
Oamaru is normally fairly quiet but my luck was in this morning.
A lengthy 920D Dunedin - Middleton freight was on the main and a late running 937 had just arrived and was being unloaded at Oamaru's container terminal (CT).
It was about then I realised I should get out more often because I was getting excited about 937 picking up its DC banker for the trip south.

DXC 5264 reversing through the Oamaru yard to collect its banker. 25/03/10.

After finishing at the CT, a work stained DXC 5264 made its way through the yard to pick up a personal favourite, DC 4133.

DXC 5264 couples up to DC 4133. 25/03/10.

With DC 4133 coupled up, both loco's headed up the yard to pick up the wagons left at the CT before returning once again down the yard.

937 being checked over. 25/03/10.

After being checked by one of the Kiwi Rail team, 937 was ready for the main.
With a DX on point and a light train of one DC and two wagons going along for the ride I knew I was in for a fast trip home to Palmerston. I didn't even get the chance of capturing 937 as it blasted out of Oamaru.
I had a few spots I wanted to get shots at but I didn't get the chance because just as I arrived at each one, 937 would fly past with a blast on the horn and a grin from the driver.
Time to just chase and hope.

937 climbs away from Waianakarua. 25/03/10.

I managed to get a shot of 937 as it climbed away from Waianakarua. Its a shame I don't have sound or video on this blog because the sound coming out of 5264 as it powered up the grade was fantastic.

937 rounds a curve after departing Hillgrove. 25/03/10.
After once again getting ahead of 937 at Hampden, I stopped just south of the Hillgrove loop at a spot I've used a few times. Not a bad spot but one that hasn't been that successful for southbound trains due to the angle of the sun. With todays overcast weather I thought I'd give it a go and I'm glad I did, getting my favourite shot of the day.

937 crosses the Shag river bridge. 25/03/10.
I managed to get a shot I've been trying to get for a while but have always been foiled by the sun. The overcast weather helped again as I captured 937 crossing the Shag river bridge north of Bushey.
As 937 continued its trip to Dunedin, I headed home, the assignments were still on the table but I don't feel like throwing them out the window anymore.

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  1. Nice pictures, a shame it wasn`t a bigger train. I gather it is just returning the banker South as its needed more for Northbound trains, is that correct ?
    Anyway Thanks for the post, it makes for an enjoyable read.


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