Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Y and a Flower Pot

Y146 arrives at West Ballarat with a short grain train.

Finally a Y has arrived at West Ballarat Sidings. The Cattle Yards / Redan line was mainly run by Ballarat based Y class locomotives during the 1980's so its good to have Y146 running on the layout. 

Y146 is a second hand Austrains model I picked up from Train World while I was in Melbourne earlier this year. The previous owner had already installed a DCC decoder so it was ready to go. After running it a few times I noticed that the headlight had dropped down into the cab area. After taking off the body I found the plastic headlight assembly had broken and was pointing downward. A short search on the internet found this is a common problem with this model. Nothing that some glue and a short length of styrene rod couldn't fix. With the light now shining from the correct location Y146 is able to take its rightful place on West Ballarat Sidings.

Headlight aside, Y146 is a great little model. It runs like a dream and is perfect for West Ballarat. 

Y146 with a VPFX bulk flour wagon in tow. 

Another recent arrival on West Ballarat is VPFX 5, an SDS model of a Victorian railways pneumatic flour wagon. I haven't seen any photos of these wagons on the Cattle Yards / Redan line (I haven't seen too many photos of trains on this line full stop) but they did run to the flour mill at North Ballarat. I'll write up a review of this wagon shortly.

And that's about it.

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