Sunday, October 30, 2016

The big yellow cats

Tamper ETM 255 leads a track maintenance train through Katiki. 30/10/16.

For the last few days Kiwi Rail's South Island based track maintenance train has been working out of Palmerston. I've been meaning to get down to Palmerston Station and get a few shots but other commitments meant this didn't happen. 
Luckily I was up to see these beast's depart Palmerston for destinations north and grabbed a shot as it made its way along the East Otago coast line at Katiki. I was expecting an easy chase but these things move.

Normally its Kiwi Rail's big freights and world class passenger trains get all the attention, but without the track maintenance equipment and the hard working people that keep our rail network in good condition I wouldn't be able to see my favourite trains moving freight and passengers across Aotearoa. Good work team.

And thats about it.

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