Sunday, October 6, 2013

Its been a while but this is a goody

At the end of September I headed up to Wellington for a short course for work. Trips to Wellington a few and far between for me so I made time to catch up with a few people. One of those of people was Evan who just happens to work for Kiwirail. So between learning about how adult learners take in and retain information I was able to get some shots of Wellington's electric multiple units. I also had the great fortune to get a cab pass on the Capital Connection up to Palmerston North on Friday evening. That night I was offered a ticket on a steam excursion heading back to Wellington. Wab 794 from the Feilding and districts steam rail society was towing Ab 663 back to its base at the Mainline Steam depot at Plimmerton. How could I refuse. 
So over three days I rode up to Johnsonville on a Matangi unit, visited A box, visited train control, had a look around the communications hub of Kiwirail (Ev's lab), visited the home of a modelling master by the name of Cabbage, had a cab ride on a rattly old DFT up to Palmerston North, stayed at the home of another modelling master by the name of Rhys (of motorised dandruff fame) and got a ride back to Wellington on a steam excursion. What a way to spend a few days in the capital!

Of course I had my camera with me and here are some the shots I managed to grab on my travels.

Matangi EMU's wait at Wellington for their next commuter service. The Matangi units are relatively new to the Wellington commuter network and have replaced the old English Electric EMU's and many of the Ganz Mavag EMU's. 27/09/13.

 DC 4058 waits at Wellington railway stations platform 8 with a northbound Wairarapa service. 27/09/13.

 Still soldiering on. Three sets of Ganz Mavag units sit ready for rush hour. 27/09/13.

DSC 2665 pushes the Capital Connection Wellington - Palmerston North commuter passenger train into Wellington station in preparation for its 1715 departure. Working on the passenger shunt, DSC 2665 is kept busy shunting Wairarapa commuter trains, the Capital Connection and the Overlander passenger trains. 27/09/13. 

 Another set of Matangi units ready for the rush hour. 27/09/13.

Wab 794 gets some TLC from the great team of volunteer's from the Feilding and districts steam rail society at Otaki. This excursion was a delivery trip to return Ab 663 back to Mainline steams Plimmerton depot. 28/09/13.

DC 4692 and an unidentified DC lead a northbound freight through the Otaki loop as it crosses the excursion on the main. 28/09/13.

The old and the new. Wab 794 takes a break after arriving at platform 9 while a Matangi unit waits for its next trip out of Wellington. 28/09/13.

Another shot of a Matangi EMU. FP 4420 and FT 4420. I had to get plenty of shots of these good looking units because who knows when I will be back in Wellington for another visit. 28/09/13.

 Matangi EMU FP 4155 and FT 4155 depart Wellington. 28/09/13.

Wab 794 pushes its train back towards Wellington yard. Here it will get turned for its return trip to Feilding and pack up Feilding and districts steam rail societie's 'new' passenger carriage.

A big thanks to Evan for acting as tour guide. He said he might be heading down Otago way later in the year. Plenty of time to come up with a plan for some chasing South Island style. I hope he likes DXC's. 

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  1. Your presence gave me an excuse to go nutting, so you are more than wlecome.... :-)


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