Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Flood of 2013

Hello from a very wet East Otago.
After 48 hours of continuous rain many of the streams and rivers around East and North Otago couldn't handle any more water which caused flooding across the region. About 3pm we decided to head out and have a look around the area. The following are some rail related photos from our trip.

The Shag river in flood. 17/06/13.

Fleming Rd railway crossing looking back towards Palmerston. The Shag river has spilled over its banks and has flooded the surrounding farmland. 17/06/13. 

Fleming Rd railway crossing again looking down what was Fleming Rd. Water from the Shag river is making its way into Muddy creek.

The normally sedate Muddy creek fill to the brim. There is (was) a farm track on the far side of the creek that had 3.5 metre clearance. The creek bed was about two metres below the track. Just shows how much water was coming down the creek.

Water backed up against the railway embankment at Shrewsbury St in Hampden.

And what we built to kill the time stuck inside. One old board and a few bits and pieces from the bottom drawer.  Took an hour or two to put together but kept the kids occupied for hours.

Today the sun is shining but a cold southerly is due through over the next few days bringing snow to low levels. Should be interesting.

Till next time.

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