Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Better late than never

Tonight's post will be a hit and run. I took all these shots of 922 Dunedin to Middleton freight last Wednesday but I haven't had a chance to post them until now. Since time is short I won't bore you with the trip details but instead let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy!

DFT 7092 and 7036 cruise through Seacliff with 922 Dunedin - Middleton freight. Great to see double DFT's on the Main South Line. 06/03/2013.

My favourite shot of the day. 922 sweeps around a curve as it approaches the south end of Merton. 

After a crew change, 922 holds the loop at Merton. Not long from now the loop departure signal will come up green and the Timaru driver can begin his trip home. Not surprisingly cato blue livery is getting fairly worn. Does anybody have a photo of 7092 just after its conversion from a DF to a DFT? 

922 passing through the former Goodwood station site.

After picking up four empty 'goldies' at Palmerston, 922 climbs its way out of the Shag river valley and towards the coast.

And the last shot of the day. New crossing warning lights and sounders have been installed on Stour street in Palmerston. As of today they still aren't operational but this blog will be the first to let you know when they are.  You lucky people!

And that's about it.

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