Friday, February 15, 2013

Time flies

I can't believe its almost a month since my last post. Time flies. 
With summer beginning its slow wind down, I thought I should get out and grab some shots of Kiwi Rails finest passing through the dry East Otago countryside. 
At Merton, I was able to catch up with my normal targets, 922 Dunedin - Middleton freight and 923 Middleton - Dunedin freight. A DXC and DC made up the whole consist of 922 so I made the easy decision to chase 923 south.

Southbound 923 Middleton - Dunedin freight climbs out of Merton after a crossing and crew change with 922. 13/02/13.

After grabbing a shot of 923 as it left Merton I hit the road and headed south. Just north of Seacliff I found this spot. It wasn't long before 923 arrived and I was able to grab a great shot.

922 cruises along the East Otago coast between Merton and Seacliff. In the background is the Otago peninsular and the entrance to Otago harbour. 13/02/13.

Between Seacliff and Warrington, the coast road and the main south line cross several times as both wind through the shifting hillsides above the Pacific ocean. Just before I got to each crossing the lights and alarms would activate meaning I had to grab shots from the car window. Thanks to the wonders of digital photography even these shots came out alright.

DXC 5327 and DC 4726 drag 922 around the horseshoe curve just south of Seacliff. 13/02/13. 

Rushed shot of DXC 5327 while waiting at a level crossing. 13/02/13.

With the last of the crossings out of the way and 922 being held up at a temporary stop board, I was able to get ahead and grab some shots as it passed through Waitati.

923 cruises into Waitati on the main. 13/02/13.

The cheesy 3/4 shot.

And the going away shot as 923 climbs out of Waitati. 13/02/13.

What a great way to spend a free afternoon.

And thats about it...

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