Saturday, November 24, 2012

Time for a catch up.

Well, what can I say. Sorry for the lack of posts over the last week or two. Between family, work and study I haven't had much spare time to chase along the South Island main trunk line through beautiful East Otago.

So I've decided to go back into the archives and post some shots of the Taieri Gorge Railway train festival held at Middlemarch over labour weekend 2009.

Vulcan railcar RM56 rests at Middlemarch between services. 24/10/09.

The good people at the Taieri Gorge Railway (TGR), Mainline Steam and the Diesel Traction Group (DTG) came together to recreate the 1960's and 70's era on the Central Otago railway.

The Central Otago railway is a favourite line of mine. The line between Middlemarch and Clyde was lifted in the early 90's but fortunately the people of Dunedin realised the potential of the Taieri Gorge portion of the line between Wingatui and Middlemarch and it was retained for use by excursion trains operated by the TGR.
The remaining track bed between Middlemarch and Clyde was converted into a cycle trail. The world famous Central Otago Rail Trail has brought much needed economic benefits to the area and rejuvenated the towns it passes through.

Anyway, enough background. Time for some trains.

Ab 663 ready to depart Middlemarch with a mixed train. 24/10/09.

Vulcan railcar RM 56 approaches Middlemarch. 24/10/09.

English Electric Dg 772 waits in a siding as RM 56 slows for its stop at Middlemarch station. 26/10/09.

Ab 663 departs Middlemarch with a mixed train as Dg 772 waits in the yard with a goods train. 24/10/09.

Dg 772 waits on a siding. 24/10/2009.

Dg 772 and Dj 1209 ready to depart on another goods train. Sorry for the poor attempt at getting a 1970's photo look. 26/10/09.

Sutton railway station waits in the sunshine for its next train.

A great weekend, with some fantastic locomotives on one of New Zealand's greatest rail lines. 

And that's about it...

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